Kinoko is a STARTUP company founded in 2019 by 3 female scientific entrepreneurs, and they developed an alternative protein product, produced in a process that combines the fermentation of legumes/grains using a mycelium fungus.
The process yields a nutritious, tasty product with high nutritional values, and above all - CLEAN LABEL
The next generation of protein rich food
• This is a unique looking product, rich in protein and dietary fiber and with a balanced taste and a clean label (3 ingredients: water, mycelium, catania).
• Tnuva will operate together with KINOKO in an outsourcing model (PL production)
In this framework, Kinoko will produce finished products for Tnuva, including their final packaging.
Tnuva will be responsible for adjusting the product at the sensory level, branding, marketing, defining a sales unit, distribution and selling the products to the final consumer.

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