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From Vision to Scale

Our aim is to build a culture of collaboration between startups and our business divisions. Through partnerships, we are fostering new ways to experiment and pioneer breakthrough technology and new business models that deliver impact at scale.

Strategic investor

Tnuva Ventures, our food-tech venture capital fund, is committed to back exceptional founders. We aim to fund you fast and to give you unfair competitive strategic advantages.

Innovation through collaboration

We work across all divisions and functions, focusing on the biggest challenges our business faces today and tomorrow; driving growth through product, channel and capability innovation.

R&D Center for Alternative Protein

Tnuva, a leader in Israel's alternative protein market for 18 years, is establishing an R&D center to accelerate innovation and expand its product range, including cultured meat and precision fermentation-produced proteins. This move aligns with Tnuva's commitment to growth and providing added value to consumers globally.

Fresh Start

Fresh Start is a global Foodtech incubator looking to impact the future of food, beverage, and nutrition. Formed by industry professionals and VCs, to provide an experienced, resourceful, and supportive international network to develop early-stage ideas and startups into maturity.

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Ever After Foods

Ever After Foods, backed by the Tnuva Group, pioneers the future of sustainable meat production with its patented bioreactor platform, overcoming scaling challenges and offering a 700% increase in productivity for high quality cultivated meat products.

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The Cultivated Meat Consortium

The Cultivated Meat Consortium, supported by the Israeli Innovation Authority, is an Israeli collaboration aiming to advance cultivated meat technologies by addressing key challenges and fostering collaboration between academic institutions and industry players.

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Our Team

Shay Cohen

Chief Innovation Officer & Managing Director

Shay Cohen

Chief Innovation Officer & Managing Director

Cohen is Tnuva Goup's Chief Innovation Officer & Managing Director of Tnuva Ventures.
Prior to that Shay Co-Founded and led several pioneering Food Tech Start-Ups as well as Corporate Open Innovation Centers & Investment vehicles for several multinational companies.
Shay Holds LL B. and BA in Business Administration, MA in Entrepreneurship and Finance (Zell Entrepreneurship Program).

Doron Maor

CTO Innovation

Doron Maor

CTO Innovation

Maor is the CTO at Tnuva corporate innovation unit.
Before being named CTO, Doron carried out 20 years in the following roles at Tnuva:
Senior process technologist at TNUVA headquarters Engineering & Technology Department. During this period, he was responsible for technology support to all dairy and dairy alternatives sites including managing different projects. One of the highlights is the technological design and implementation of 350 million Shekel Tel Yosef new dairy 5-year project.
Chief technologist at Tel Yosef Dairy – A complicated multifaceted technology dairy that processes more than 300 M liters of milk annually and demands vast technological understanding in the following products:
Semi-hard cheese (Edam Type), Kaskavallo type cheeses, Mozzarella cheeses, Parmesan type cheeses, Cheddar type cheeses, Rochefort type cheeses, Goat cheeses, Processed cheeses, Butter and Skim milk powder.
Before joining Tnuva, Doron was the process technologist of Tivall. An innovative company specializing in the manufacturing of vegetable meat analogs and patties. Doron was Responsible for all aspects of the technological process including the implementation of new and innovative manufacturing processes and improving existing process
Previous to his work at Tivall Doron was a process manager in 2 other food plants dealing with fresh pasta and seasoning & condiments blends.
Doron earned an MBA from Heriot -Watt University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Food and Biotechnology Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Pnina Sverdlov

Chief R&D and Projects Office

Pnina Sverdlov

Chief R&D and Projects Office

Pnina is the Chief R&D and Projects Officer at Tnuva Group, where she is heading the dairy and alternative protein product development from the initial vision to launch.
Having more than 15 years of experience, Pnina is closely acquainted with the food industry. She has managed hundreds of new product launches and implemented new processes for integrating novel ingredients and technologies.
In recent years, alternative protein has become a growth engine in Tnuva, accompanied by many innovative launches and new capabilities that created Tnuva a significate competitive advantage in the Alternative Protein categories.

Shay Cohen's statement:

Shay Cohen, Chief Innovation Officer of the Tnuva Group, who manages the group’s investment fund, stated, “As the foodtech industry continues to grow and mature, foodtech companies and established corporations will need to develop models of close partnership so that, together, they can drive innovation and ensure sustainable growth. We have learned that through collaboration between corporations like ours and companies that are on the brink of scaling, that’s where the magic happens – where we provide a power multiplier to both parties. The key is to meet in the right place and find the right model. We are constantly searching for growing foodtech companies to bring this potential to the forefront.”

Israeli foodtech leading the way in alternative protein innovation

Ahead of the final of Calcalist and Tnuva Ventures' 2023 FoodTech competition, we discussed industry trends with Anat Gross-Shon, CEO of the dairy division at Tnuva

"Global food security depends on the development of alternative proteins"

FoodTech 2023, a competition sponsored by Calcalist and Tnuva Ventures, seeks game-changing developments for the food industry

“We are constantly looking for growing foodtech companies and to bring their potential to Israel and the world"

Shay Cohen, Managing Director at Tnuva's corporate venture capital fund Tnuva Ventures, and Pnina...

Tnuva building industrial cultured meat manufacturing facility

Israeli company Plurinuva, which is rebranding under the name Ever After Foods and is owned by Tnuva and Pluristem, is building the...

Tnuva Deepens its Investments in Foodtech

Tnuva Deepens its Investments in Foodtech Establishing for the First Time in Israel, an R&D Center Dedicated to

Tnuva is rolling out its “Vegetarian Series"

Tnuva is rolling out its “Vegetarian Series", the first product line developed at its new R&D Center for Alternative Protein:  plant protein-based chicken and beef alternatives at an investment of around NIS 7 million

We invite you to join us!

Tnuva’s  team has decades of experience in investing, product innovation, business development, go-to-market, R&D, and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to accelerate the future of FOOD technology through investments, insights, and meaningful partnerships with Tnuva.

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