The Israel Good Food Institute and Tnuva Group, Israel's largest food producer, led the establishment of an Israeli consortium consisting of 14 companies, including some of the world's leading cultured meat producers and about 10 academic laboratories. Tnuva heads the consortium, one of the biggest in the world, which aims to develop innovative, efficient, and more competitive methods for pilot scale-up for the cultured meat industry. The consortium is part of the Magnet Consortium program of the Israel Innovation Authority, which promotes pre-competitive generic R&D. The Israel Innovation Authority said Monday has been granted 18$ million for its entire duration of three years. Israel cultivated meat companies raised $507 million in 2021 led by Future Meat, which raised $347 million for a production plant in the US, and Aleph Farms, which raised $105 million.
Shai Cohen, chief innovation officer at the Tnuva Group and chairman of the consortium: "This is an unprecedented government commitment on a global scale, in a cellular agriculture consortium and especially in cultured meat that will allow Israel to maintain its leadership in one of the companies".

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